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Western Sydney University Students Talking About Beauty: Charmfidence


Last July we were so glad that Western Sydney University (WSU) Students visited Charmfidence office. They learned, shared and presented a lot of good vibes that we wanted to share with all of you.

All the students are from the Entrepreneurship program at WSU and we asked them questions on Beauty and what beauty means to each one of them. So below is some excerpt from our conversation.

We asked Eric, Madilyn, Sheila, Harrod & Matthew these questions:

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What Does Beauty mean To You?

Eric: Putting a lot of effort to presenting yourself in the best way or the way you like to be presented.

Madilyn: Confidence in yourself. Both: Outside & Inside

Sheila: Having self-acceptance to yourself and just overall confidence.

Harrod: Beauty to me is the natural selection.

Matthew: Beauty is whatever is beautiful to you. Whether it’s challenging to be more beautiful inside or it’s more challenging to be beautiful by your appearance.

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Why is confidence important?

Eric: I believe it’s very important because people will be able to see your personality and the best way for them to see you is to be confident.

Madilyn: I believe once you are confident with yourself, you can achieve so much more whether it is in your personal life or in your professional life.

Sheila: To be confident in your self, I guess it gives more boost in life which makes you feel more comfortable being your self and opening yourself up.

Harrod: You should be confident because you believe in. Its who you are.

Matthew: If you won’t be confident, then I don’t think you give people the opportunity to know you.

Do you think getting cosmetic surgery is okay? Why?

Eric: I believe it’s really good because they can relieve a lot of stresses or mental problems with self-image.

Madilyn: Well, speaking from personal experience, I’ve had my lips done before and I feel that really transformed my confidence. Because every time I look at myself in the mirror that’s all I was looking at and since then I am a lot more confident.

Sheila: Cosmetic surgery to me is acceptable as long as the person is happy with themselves and  overall accepting who they are 

Harrod: Even though I believe in natural selection, I still believe that people should have their right to choose how they want to look and what they want to do with themselves. So it should be Freedom of Choice.

Having heard all of them, we wanted to add, if you feel uncomfortable with your look and if it somehow makes less confident, then getting a cosmetic surgery could be life-changing for you. Let us help you throughout your journey, join Charmfidence community.

Western Sydney University Students Taking About Beauty: Charmfidence