The right way to find a certified plastic surgery specialist in Korea


Do not hesitate to ask your doctor whether he is a plastic surgery specialist. It is your right to ask, as a patient!

When you do plastic surgery in Korea, the one thing you should know is how to identify a certified plastic surgery specialist.

In Korea, general surgery specialist, general practitioner and even specialist of family medicine, rehabilitation medicine, and gynecology are allowed to perform plastic surgery. Therefore, you should find a certified plastic surgery specialist to have more specialized surgery and treatments.

  1. The first thing you can do is to look at the profile of a doctor on the doctor’s clinic website. If you see that the doctor has ‘Board Certified plastic surgeon or Plastic Surgery Specialist’ as an introduction on his or her profile, that means that the doctor is a certified plastic surgery specialist. Otherwise, the doctor might be either a specialist in another department or a general practitioner.
  2. The other way to find a Korean plastic surgery specialist is to search for the doctor by entering keywords through PRS KOREA which is the Korea plastic surgery specialist portal.
  3. If the above steps still do not work, the last thing you can try is to ask the clinic directly. This whole process could be quite cumbersome, but I advise you to check this out as an essential starting point.
Examples of Non-plastic surgery specialists or general practitioner
  • 0000 specialist, the Department of Plastic Surgery
  • 0000 clinic, the Department of Plastic Surgery
  • 0000 Laser Clinic, the Department of Plastic Surgery
Example of signboards used by the plastic surgery specialist
  • 00 Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • 00 Plastic surgery specialist
by Dr. Jaewoo Kim
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