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3 Special systems in Korean medical aesthetics

There is a unique system and culture in Korea medical aesthetics due to a very competitive market. Korean plastic surgery clinics have applied various marketing strategies to provide value added services to their customer these days. Let’s find out what these interesting services are.

  1. There is ‘Sil Jang Nim’ =’Chief consultant’ in Medical aesthetic clinics!

If you watch Korean drama often, you would be familiar with ‘Sil Jang Nim’, which originally stands for the chief manager in the department

and it refers to the medical aesthetic consultant in the clinics of Korea.

The main role of the consultant is to be the first and main point of contact when patients visit clinics to identify their issues and listen carefully.

Based on their discussion, the consultant would explain about the potential treatments and their competitive advantages over other clinics in an easy and more comfortable way in ‘patient’s perspective.

Of course, only doctors will be allowed to give the consultation in terms of medical treatments but the consultant provides more value added services such as addressing the issues that patients might have in terms of commonly raised questions or quotation of treatments.

Their role has evolved to a customer service officer as well as personal coordinator to handle individual patient’s issue and provide a holistic solution as doctors are not available all the time to communicate with patients on social media chat.

Korea has developed a course for medical consultants and formed certification exams to maintain good quality and standards. Furthermore, many clinics hire consultants who can support foreign patients in different languages.

  1. Post care service including massaging, reducing swells and removing the scars.

One of the most interesting services in Korean medical aesthetic is the post care service.

Even after surgery, treatment is not considered complete. Depending on the type of treatments, clinics would require patients to revisit on 3rd day, 7th day and 3 months to ensure patients are happy with the result and do not have any issues by having post care and monitoring services.

Depending on the type of treatment, clinics would offer you a facial massage treatment, post care on swelling services, massage services on breast, and the scar care by laser treatments etc.

It would be nice to check out what kind of services that clinics offer as many clinics are trying to differentiate from others by offering extra post care services!

  1. Virtual plastic surgery before and after photos!

Many plastic surgery clinics provide a virtual plastic surgery service. Even if you spend much time discussing with your doctors to share the ideas you want, visualized expected outcome would be one of the most efficient way to confirm and agree about the goal of treatment.

Of course, you can’t be 100% same as the virtual photos

so you should not complain about why you do not look the same as the one in the photo.

Actually, some of the clinics do not like to provide virtual photo services as sometimes it is very hard to predict the results. However, it is true that patients prefer clinics which give them the virtual photo service as it would give them better ideas by the virtual plastic surgery before and after photo.

Virtual before after service can be a great tool for efficient communication with a doctor to minimize the gap but you should take the various factors into account such as the actual before and after photos, reviews by other patients, experiences and reputation of doctors when you choose the clinics or doctors.

*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.