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A Korean doctor on Youtube said ‘You should not get fillers’| Is it really true?

A Korean doctor shared about side effects of fillers and some other doctors disagreed with his opinions


Most trending video about Fillers in Korea

The famous Korean medical Youtube channel ‘EuiSaChin’  (‘My doctor friend’ in English) is hosted by Dr. Taekyu Kim who is a famous plastic surgeon for facial contouring.  He has spoken about the side effects of fillers and why patients should not get them. The video has surpassed over 1 million views and other doctors including dermatologists have uploaded several Youtube videos to oppose his views. Let’s find out what Dr. Kim has mentioned and why other doctors disagree with his opinions.

 Are fillers good or bad?

On 1st of Nov 2019, the Youtube video from ‘My doctor friend’ was released with the title ‘side effects of fillers and facts about fillers. The side effects personally verified by a plastic surgeon”. He started saying “Actually, the reason I’ve decided to do a YouTube video is because of filler injections. So that people will not take any shots. If they did, I want them to know the details and get it right.”

What is the issue about fillers?

The image of filler
Filler image

As a plastic surgeon, he has had the experience to see what’s inside of the patients who have done fillers on their faces. The most common filler widely used is HA(Hyaluronic acid) filler and it has become so popular because it can be dissolved if treatment goes wrong or patient does not like the result so patients have less burden to try it out.

Dr.Kim has referred 3 research reports to talk about the issue. The first paper was published in 2018 Journal of plastic surgery, PRS from Japan. According to this research, the filler was injected on a rat’s back every four weeks with a decreasing amount but the volume in 64th week was almost the same as the first week. He said that the tissue in our body replaces the absorbed filler, therefore, the filler volume at the end remains the same, meaning that the filler is not 100% absorbed. Actually, there is a new type of filler called ‘skin boosters’ which has been developed based on this characteristic of filler. His concern was that injected filler does not remain in designed area such as nasolabial regions. “People get filler injections too easily and too frequently without accurate information, What about in a few decades? “ After this video release, Korea association of minimal invasive plastic surgery has pointed out that the example filler that Dr.Kim has used is Juvederm Voluma, which is not really related to skin boosting but used to stimulate collagen generation by inserting on the dermis.

Is this issue positive or negative?

Dr. Jieun Kim from Ever clinic, Itaewon, Seoul has uploaded a video to object the opinions from Dr.Kim. She mentioned that the first research report with the ‘rat’ actually highlighted the positive effect of replacing filler with one’s own tissue. Although Dr. Taekyu Kim presented it as a negative effect instead, she pointed out that the test can not be generalized to humans as it has been done on a rat with only one type of filler. She emphasized that fillers can be a useful tool and treatment method that patients should consider. Every treatment including plastic surgery has side effects but the non-invasive treatments such as fillers have relatively fewer side effects compared to actual incision surgery. She advised everyone to do more research for a wise decision on the appropriate treatment. 

 Everyone is different

The time to absorb the filler, the look after a certain period and self tissue formation can vary based on the individual person’s skin elasticity, thickness, type of filler and the treatment technique. Some people actually lose volume just after 6 months but some people maintain volume after 2 years. Also, another famous Youtuber from Ahreum Doctor  has also disagreed with the opinion that HA filler cannot be dissolved. He said that in most cases, HA filler has dissolved very well. Also, he highlighted the fact that he has done fillers several times on his nose and eventually dissolved it to undergo actual nose surgery. He mentioned there could be some cases where treatment was done wrongly such as the big amount of filler was injected or the patient has delayed hypersensitivity immune reaction to the filler.
Those dermatologists and doctors who objected Dr. Kim TaeKyu’s opinions have agreed that it is not a good idea to have very frequent and repeated injections to the area as the result can be undesirable. However, the HA filler is used widely for a long time and there are many ongoing research about both positive and negative side effects. 

 Do your homework

Different medical service providers will have different opinions due to the different expertise and cases that they have experienced. Therefore, it is always important for patients to understand the pros and cons of each treatment, and worthwhile to look into the potential side effects. Just because surgical treatment tends to have a higher risk, we should not say that surgical treatment is prohibited or never to be considered. Based on your personal condition and ideal goal, the most suitable treatment method can vary case by case. Hence, it is best for you to have consultations with different clinics and listen to different opinions so you can understand the most suitable treatment and associated risks. This process helps you make a better decision rather than worrying too much and giving up on the opportunity to improve your look.

If you like to understand better which treatment would be more suitable for you, please directly ask a question to top clinics in Korea and get quotations to compare!