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Shurink: Latest Anti-Aging Skin Treatment


Have you heard of Shurink? A Multi-Functional High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound?

Shurink (Ultraformer III) is the most recent redesign in HIFU technology and can treat a full extend in anti-aging, including non-intrusive facelift, fixing, and facial contouring. Contrasted with customary HIFU, Shurink is quicker, less painful, and more effective. Besides, the methodology has NO down time, and won’t affect your regular daily schedule!

What is SHURINK?

SHURINK is a procedure done by a non-invasive ultrasound device. It helps in lifting and tightening the face for an energetic appearance and tightens the body for slimmer shapes. With precision per shot pulse, HIFU powered transducers are intended to rebuild collagen. Additionally, they expel facial wrinkles and sagging skin, and tighten body tissues to mirror your maximum capacity.

This post about SHURINK is the first of our series introducing non-invasive anti-aging treatments in Korea.

Advantages of SHURINK

SHURINK uses cartridges concentrated on various depths of skin for lifting and tightening the face just as repairing body tissues for contouring purposes. The patient can get customized treatments on face and body with the steady conveyance of ultrasound energy, quick application, and exact accuracy of MMFU-controlled transducers.

Advantages for Patients

• Applicable for all skin types and tones

• 15–20-minute duration with no downtime

• No pre or post-treatment required

• Quick and durable outcomes

Collagen restoration in the face activated by HIFU includes warming the dermal and superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS).  These are the layers that experience separate periods of blood coagulation, wound withdrawals, and more tightly racking of new collagen to decrease wrinkles and sagging skin.

SHURINK  Applications

Shurink can be utilized on the accompanying regions of the face :

  • Forehead
  • Between brows
  • External eye corner
  • Eye territory 
  • Nasolabial overlap
  • Mouth territory
  • Jawline
  • Neck

The Effects of Shurink Treatment

The time taken for the result to show depends on how Shurink was performed. Treatment have quicker results when treated in the shallow dermis layer (closer to the skin surface) for improving the skin surface. In any case, when utilized for reducing wrinkles (in this manner used to target deeper in the SMAS layer), the impacts will appear following a month or more.

Impacts by Cartridge Types

· 1.5mm cartridge. Because the eye region, where maturing is most apparent, is thin and sensitive, the 1.5mm cartridge used. When you need to improve wrinkles, pores, and skin surface, conveying the vitality at a depth of 1.5mm (shallow dermis) is compelling.

· 3.0mm cartridge. The 3mm cartridge is utilized to improve the hanging cheeks, jaws, and brow. Conveying vitality at a depth of 3mm (profound dermis) is convincing when planned for improving skin flexibility and fixing.

· 4.5mm cartridge. The 4.5mm cartridge is utilized to remove wrinkles around your neck. It focuses on the SMAS layer and advancing collagen recovery, and is utilized in regions where the skin layer is generally thick, for example, cheeks and neck.

Other Treatments that Enhance the Effects of Shurink Treatment

By and large, a typical procedure used with Shurink is the fat-dissolving infusion. Fat-dissolving infusions are regularly used to help dispose of the double chin and the zones along the chin-to-jaw line. Utilizing Shurink with fat-dissolving injections has more prominent face contouring impact by eliminating increasingly overabundant fat.

Thermage is another excellent cooperative synergy treatment along with Shurink. Thermage is another kind of “laser lifting” strategy that contrasts with Ulthera and Shurink. All of these lifting techniques are not technically “laser,” Ulthera and Shurink are ultrasound treatments (HIFU), and Thermage is radio-recurrence (RF). Thermage focuses on a more significant zone in the shallower layers under the skin, while Shurink and Ulthera target areas more in-depth in the skin. In this manner, Thermage is extraordinary at improving light wrinkles and skin texture. Thermage can also be a conventional cooperative synergy treatment with Shurink. Skin Botox is additionally a typical strategy done in Korea with Shurink. Skin Botox, or otherwise called dermatoxin, is a strategy that infuses Botox into shallow skin, improving pores and wrinkles. With Shurink, which conveys vitality profound into the zones to improve skin flexibility, the collaboration can improve skin versatility and surface simultaneously.

Are there any side-effects of Shurink Treatment?

Aggressive outcomes for facial lifting and fixing will probably appear throughout the following three months post-treatment. In any case, patients may even now experience slight redness for a couple of hours just as swelling or tenderness in either treatment region for up to half a month. There may likewise be wounding, and numbness on treated territories however should resolve within two months.

Pain during Shurink Treatment

Numerous patients and specialists report that SHURINK, in examination with different devices, conveys negligible pain with slight uneasiness to the face or body. However, sensations rapidly fade away promptly following treatment.

Right Candidate for Shurink Treatment

Patients with different skin conditions, for example, scars, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation on the face are the perfect candidates for SHURINK.

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How many shots of Shurink is required for the best outcome?  

300 shots are the norm for cosmetic touch-ups, and 400 shots for face-to-neck blend. The number of shots may be more depending on the overall size of the face and flexibility of the skin. It’s ideal to first consult with a specialist before deciding on any treatment.

How much does SHURINK cost?

On average, for 300 shots it costs around 250 USD. Shurink tends to be less expensive than Ultherapy and Thermage.

*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.