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Request For Quotation Feature: How To Use Charmfidence App to Get Free Cosmetic Consultation

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About Charmfidence

Charmfidence is Asia’s leading social platform for people to connect with trusted cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics and surgeons, learn about cosmetic treatments and share experiences on cosmetic surgeries & treatments.

How does Charmfidence RFQ look like?

One of the key features provided by Charmfidence which allow users to request quotation or pricing for all kinds of cosmetic treatment and surgery.

Once the request for proposal is posted, our medical partners will come up with their personalized answer to your problem and with the quotation for that treatment/surgery.

Users will various and personalized treatments and quotation for easy comparison at one go.

This feature of the app helps you save a lot of time finding information and comparing prices so that you can mentally and emotionally prepare for the treatment.

How To Use Charmfidence Request For Quotation Feature?

To use the RFQ function of Charmfidence you must have the app installed on your smartphone. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet then get it from your for Android or iOS store.

Open the app and sign up using your email, Gmail or either your Facebook account. Don’t worry we have made the signup process very easy 😉

sign up image

Once you signed up you can now be able to edit your personal information. To edit your profile, click on the top-left icon.

edit your profile on charmfidence

This will open your profile dashboard where you can see your posts, your followers and edit your profile.

to change settings and profile changes

Here you can see the app settings and will be able to edit your profile, language and also save posts which you feel are important.

profile setting dashboard- Charmfidence

After you have made the preferred changes, you can come back to the homepage of the app and tap on the + sign which opens up a dropdown menu. Select “Request for Quotation”

Request for quotation menu has four parts. Area (area of improvement), Basic Information, Details & Photo.

Tap on one of area icon for which you wanted to have the surgery/treatment. Once done move on for filling the basic information which contains your Gender, Age & your country of residence.

request for quotation dashboard- Charmfidence

Details part consist of Title and Question. This will allow you to explain yourself in detail for better e-consultation.

select three pictures-charmfidence

The last part is uploading a photo. You have to upload three photos. One from the front, one from the angle of 45° and the last one from 90° angle.

different angle pictures for consultation- charmfidence

If you wanted to keep your identity secret then you can tick anonymous which will post your query anonymously and you will still be able to receive all the features without worrying about anything.

If you have had any surgeries in the past, disclosing it is always a good option to get the right advice from the surgeons. In case if you have gone any treatments or cosmetic surgeries before, you can simply tick the “Had Previous Surgery” option.

All you need to do now is tick the T&C policy and tap confirm.

Once the post is published you will be able to get responses from our trusted medical providers asap.

rfq post after published- charmfidence

Medical Providers and Clinics will then start responding to your query with their personalized answers and advise.

Surgeons/Clinics may come up with some solution in their post and will explain what they can do to fix the problem with a quote in your selected currency.

personalized-responses: charmfidence

To make the communication flow much better and to provide value, we have added “Consult For Free” option.

This feature will allow you to get a free consultation from the individual clinic who responded to your query for Free.

consult for free -Charrmfidence

If you are looking for the right advice and treatment, you may download our app or to keep yourself updated check out our blog and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram)