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Rejuran (Anti-Aging Treatment) review by Nikki Tay

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As we grow older there is a loss of fat under our skin known as subcutaneous fat that leads to fine lines and wrinkles. 

There are some other factors as well which are reasonable for Anti-Aging like Sunlight, pollution & UV rays.

Even though you choose to be on a healthy diet it might not help you to stop the anti-aging and you will start feeling older than you actually are. 

We are today with Nikki Tay, a Corporate Lawyer in Singapore who experienced Anti-Aging and had her treatment in South Korea.

If you do not like reading, don’t worry we have got your back! The video is embedded at the end of this post. Jump on it anytime and start watching 😉

So here’s the video Transcript:

What does Beauty mean to you?

Beauty inspires me to put the best version of myself whether I’m at home or at work. Beauty also empowers me to feel comfortable in my own skin, knowing that I can walk into a meeting room polished and presentable.

Even though I don’t think beauty as a defining factor, I think it definitely helps your career, especially if you are in a client-facing role.

Why Rejuran (Anti-Aging Treatment)?

I work long hours as a lawyer so it is very obvious to me that condition of my skin is deteriorating and I’m starting to see visible lines and spots that do not go away as easily as they did before.

Also, unfortunately, I just turned 26 and I’m aware of the fact that aging of your skin starts at 25. I wanted to stop this problem before it develops more rapidly.

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Why Charmfidence?

 I heard that Korean doctors are highly esteemed, well sought after and experts in their field. 

However, the widespread number of doctors, the general lack of information and the language barrier made it really difficult to secure a trustworthy doctor in Korea. 

However, I was introduced to app Charmfidence and I was assured that the reviews are truthful and honest which is actually very important to me. Also, the app details the qualification of the doctors extensively and I knew that I am getting what I wanted.

Also, the app was very user-friendly in the sense that I was able to put a request for quotation and receive 1:1 consultation from the doctor. 

For me, that was a reassuring and compelling reason to come to Korea to do my face.

Finally, Nikki decided to have her treatment at April 31 clinic, where the surgeon suggested to have Rejuran with Shurink and Skin Botox which will help in tightening and more effectively firming the skin.

Rejuran Review by Nikki Tay

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*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.