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7 Questions To Ask Before Plastic Surgery

questions to ask before plastic surgery

Surgery can easily pop up many questions in one’s mind. Here are top 7 questions to ask before plastic surgery so you can feel prepared.

1. why do I want to do plastic surgery?

Many people forget about why they want to do plastic surgery during the whole journey. The motivation for plastic surgery could be caused by someone’s remark on your appearance although you never thought about it before.

It could also be something you’ve wanted for a long time since young. If the reason is the former, there are other ways to get your confidence back. If it is the latter, you could consider plastic surgery to overcome your complex.

Just remember, you should not make an impulsive decision due to external causes. The real reason for driving your decision should come from yourself.

This decision should help you improve your quality of life and bring the confidence back. Nobody has a right to judge your appearance apart from yourself.

  1. Where do I want to improve the most?

You may want to do plastic surgery on your eyes and you would start looking for a plastic surgeon who has a specialty in eyes. Sometimes, you would come across the situation where you are advised to have more treatments other than just ‘eyes’ but with ‘nose’ or ‘facial contouring’ that you never thought of.

This could be the clinic’s business strategy, or it could be really honest feedback about treatments on other areas that will improve your look as a whole to reach the goal based on your description to doctors.

However, you should not make an impulsive decision for surgery on multiple areas that you never thought of based on the advice of one doctor.

 Please do reach out to several other doctors and have consultations for a more objective opinion on your issue and proceed with the treatments if necessary.

  1. How do I want to improve?

Now that you know where you want to improve the most, how should you proceed? Can you just find a doctor and ask him or her to ‘please make me look beautiful’?

What is the standard of ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’?

This standard can be generally accepted by many different people but the preference on the look can be very personal and subjective.

So it is really important to have an agreed standard between you and your doctor. Sometimes, there might be a plastic surgeon who can create miraculous outcomes but most of the times, the treatment result is an ‘improvement’ based on your original look instead of dramatic changes.

You should manage your expectation on the outcome and have a consensus on how your issue can be improved with your doctor. Showing pictures that benchmark celebrities or doing virtual plastic surgery with before and after photos make the consultation more efficient and effective.

  1. Am I fully aware of risks?

Plastic surgery can give you a better quality of life by improving confidence and overcoming complexes but some patients may land in very unlucky situations. Medical accidents are uncommon and this can be minimized by researching for the right doctors and clinics.

As post-surgery satisfaction is very subjective, some patients would not be happy with their results and fall in depression.

You should not only consider the risk of medical operation such as inflammation during the process or after but also consider depression due to the stress of potential outcome.

If you worry too much, you would be advised to consider again on plastic surgery and check whether this would be worth the risk. If you are satisfied after, that would be great but what if you’re not?

  1. Am I well informed about the treatments?

If you decide to do ‘double eyelid surgery’, do you understand well about the various types of treatments? For example, non-incisional double eyelid, incisional double eyelid or ptosis correction could be your surgical treatment.

Have you researched and do you understand well about the differences between these procedures after having a consultation with the doctor?

Of course, you will not have the same level of knowledge as plastic surgeons but you should have a good understanding of the treatment, operation duration, recovery period and potential risks before proceeding further.

  1. Is my post-surgery expectation reasonable?

You may or may not have a dramatic change after a plastic surgery. Again, you may overcome your complex by having bigger eyes or a sharper nose. The expectation of the outcome should be set in a reasonable manner. You simply cannot ask a doctor to make you look like ‘Angelina Jolie’ or ‘Kim Tae-hee’. You can expect a better look (under your standard) but not become a completely different person.

After the surgery, you may think that you look a lot prettier or not at all as the outcome is too subjective.

Please remember, plastic surgery should be used as a tool to ‘overcome your complex’ and not for a ‘dramatic life change’. This will make you feel more comfortable during the process.

  1. Have you asked all the above 6 questions to yourself?

Those 6 questions should be the most important and essential questions that you should ask yourself before plastic surgery.

If you can answer all these questions well, you will make a rational and reasonable decision on your plastic surgery journey.

These exercises will help you to minimize the risks, anxiety and lead you to the right decision to find a good doctor and clinic for the best result.

Good luck on your PS journey and have Charmfidence!

*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.