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The ideal way to prepare for e-consultation before visiting Korea

Most patients who want to have plastic surgery in Korea would prefer to do e-consultation via mobile or web before going to Korea. E-consultation can be an excellent opportunity for patients to understand better about the areas that they plan to have treatment for. It is more efficient to have recommendations on suitable surgical procedures via e consultation before visiting clinics compared to only doing so when you are in Korea.

There are several things you need to prepare to have an efficient e-consultation.

The first thing I would like to highlight is to have a picture. A well-taken picture on the areas of interest is much more efficient than a long descriptive request for consultation. If you have an online explanation written via web or mobile without a picture, the possibility to have the same outcome compared to what you have imagined is extremely low. Similar for e-consultation, it is difficult to have a consultation without the picture on the cosmetic surgery which requires a check on every single detail as well as the proportion as a whole.

The important thing you should remember when taking a picture for e-consultation is the light and the degree of taking the picture.

Perhaps many of you enjoy taking selfies so you should know how important it is to have good lighting and degree. However, the picture for plastic surgery consultation is different from selfies.

First of all, the light should not be dark and there should be no shadow. Also, it is not good to have too bright lighting which can create reflections.

The best lighting has no shadows and is evenly bright like a passport photo. In order for you to have this kind of photo,

you should take an indoor shoot where there is no natural light.

If the lighting is not good enough, you can use the light feature of your smartphone.

The second important thing is the degree.

You should take a picture while facing 45 degrees to your left and your right. You should also have a picture where you are facing 90 degrees to the left and right side. A full frontal shot of your face will also be necessary so the doctors can see the line and proportion as a whole.


It is not right to take a selfie where the camera which is slightly above or below your face. If it is difficult to take a photo by yourself, you can ask your friends or family for assistance.

Lastly, please remember that

a good picture for satisfactory consultation is a real photo of yourself and not your prettiest picture.


By Dr. Jaewoo Kim