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11 Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments in 2019

11 non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments like lasers, dermal fillers and peels are in demand among people who want to reshape their face and body or treat aging without going under the knife. Whether it is fat transferred from one part of the body to another, botox or other dermal fillers, these treatments are getting more popular than ever. If you are looking for a non-invasive non-surgical option then this article is for you.

Whichever treatment you are thinking of doing, researching thoroughly is a must and Charmfidence has made the process straightforward and easy. Check out our step-by-step guide on our Request for Quotation feature before we start.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

A non-invasive surgery to reshape the nose. Being non-surgical means less risk, less downtime, fewer side effects yet with very similar results although not permanent. 

This non-invasive nose job is executed by injectable fillers such as hyaluronic acid and Juvederm. 

Non-surgical nose jobs are not permanent but this surgery can be a good option for people who are looking to create nostril symmetry or to smooth out the bridge bumps. 

This treatment cannot modify the size of the nose, so if you are looking to reduce nose size, you might have to look at Rhinoplasty, the surgical option.

This non-invasive surgery is not permanent and the fillers last from 6 months to 2 years. 

Lip Injection

Lip fillers are a pretty popular trend now. Lip fillers not only improves the shape of your lips but they enhance the face overall.

This non-invasive lip job is done by injecting a dermal filler to plump up the lips. 

As these fillers are not permanent, you may need to get lip fillers every six to nine months for long-lasting results.

The amount of lip filler needed differs from person to person and the length of time it will last depends on the individual’s skin.

The procedure of this treatment takes around 15-20 minutes in total.

Laser Toning or Laser Facial Treatment

Laser Facial Treatment helps in skin imperfections like sunspots, dullness and large pores, hyperpigmentation, etc. This painless procedure is achieved quickly and has no downtime. After this surgery, you might be advised to wear an SPF 30 sunscreen. To know more about this treatment, check out our article on laser toning.

Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is a body contouring procedure that works by freezing away fat cells with the help of a vacuum-like device. Cool Sculpting helps in getting rid of excess fat from the body in a non-invasive way. This procedure is an alternative to Liposuction.

Even though Cool Sculpting is a non-surgical way to remove fats from the body, this treatment should not be misunderstood as a weight loss program.


Thermage is a cosmetic treatment that tightens and lift the skin by triggering the body to produce more collagen. 

This is a non-invasive FDA approved treatment for skin tightening in the skin and the body. Thermage is usually done on the tummy, arms, hands, thighs, knees, and butt. This treatment uses radiofrequency energy to heat the skin’s dermal layer which helps in stimulating collagen production. This non-invasive skin tightening treatment can provide subtle skin firming immediately, accompanied with tighter, toner skin over time.

Laser Sculpting Treatment

Laser Sculpting Treatment uses laser energy to reduce double chin, remove eye bags, smoothen wrinkles, lifts the eyebrow, melt fat and sculpt cheeks, enhance chin to be v-line. Laser Sculpting is a non-invasive process which can be done on Arms, Back, low handles (flanks), abdomen, buttocks and thighs.


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment intended at reducing excess weight, body contouring, and face/neck rejuvenation. This treatment is done with multiple injections containing several types of FDA approved medicines, vitamins, minerals, hormones and enzymes to tighten the skin. 

Mesotherapy is highly effective for reducing cellulite. This treatment for face immediately impacts the desired area and quick results can be seen in just a few sessions.

Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers are a cosmetic treatment which is designed to add volume, contour and rejuvenate the face or in other words, they are used to re-introduce structure and volume. As tight skin and defined cheekbones are symbols of youth and beauty, cheek fillers can be injected to give a more youthful look to those who prefer not to go for facial surgery.


HIKO PCL is a non-surgical nose augmentation treatment to reshape and sharpen the nose. This treatment utilizes absorbable polycaprolactone threads, which last for 2 years and then decompose inside of the skin tissue, and builds a great framework for further Hyaluronic acid injection. 

HIKO PCL is the only non-surgical nose augmentation technique that effectively targets nose tip lifting and ala narrowing. This treatment doesn’t spread out and create “Avatar” kind-of nose compared to using Fillers for Nose Augmentation. The procedure only takes 15-20 minutes and doesn’t have any downtime, which means you can quickly resume your daily life.


Airlift is a non-invasive facelift technique which uses transcutaneous pneumatic injection device to deliver hyaluronic acid to pull up three layers of skin + subcutaneous fat + muscle layers. The liquid type medicine enters deep inside the skin and incites the dermal layer to produce more collagen. This procedure is needle free with only air pressure to press the solution into the skin with minimal or no bleeding.

Air Aqua Shine

Air Aqua shine is a non-invasive process for anti-aging and skin brightening. This therapy injects compressed air to create cavities between the dermis and epidermis and injects hyaluronic acid or other solutions to improve skin’s elasticity, smooth out wrinkles, moisturise and brighten the skin by triggering the body to produce collagen naturally.

Are non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatments more appropriate for you? Do you want to know more about their prices and which clinics to approach for best results? 

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