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Things you should know about LED Masks and Top Korean LED Masks


Have you seen Korean LED mask advertisements with famous Korean celebrities? It gives the impression that you do not have to find dermatologists or clinics and yet be able to have dramatic changes to your face with one device. Can this possibly be true? Apparently,  Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety have detected the misleading advertisement about LED Mask which has not been approved as a medical advice . Let’s find out what the issue is and whether LED mask has real effects.

According to the Korea Food and Drug Administration, LED mask has been advertised for ‘wrinkle improvement’, ‘facial lifting’, ‘fever and acne relief’ without proof of efficiency and effect of ‘treatment and alleviation of disease’.

 LED mask for medical device should be approved by KFDA

LED masks used for the purpose of ‘wrinkle improvement’ must be approved and reported as medical devices to the government and an official of the KFDA said,

“The LED mask which has been reported for misleading advertisement is based on limited data that has no valid evidence or unvalidated data. Consumers should be careful not to be misled by such advertisements when purchasing products.”

This inspection was part of an online health relief project in Korea. The online health reassurance project refers to the activities of the KFDA focusing on fraudulent and hype advertisements on products related to the five major consumer areas (women’s health, diet, fine dust, hair loss, and vulnerable groups). 

The KFDA plans to strengthen the inspection further on products which are commonly used for daily life routines to make sure that people can feel more assured for the safety throughout this year. 

What is LED Mask?

LED stands for light emitting diode.  According to Dr. Suh on Chosunhealth, Low level laser therapy (LLLT) with less than 1 watt (watt) output transmits only light energy through the skin surface without generating heat.

The transmitted light energy is converted into chemical energy to promote wound healing, anti-inflammatory effect and pain control. In particular, LED treatment inhibited the production of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), inhibited the mRNA expression of cyclooxygenase-1 (COX-1) and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), resulting in a decrease in prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), resulting in reduced pain and inflammation.

For this reason, one of the most commonly used LED diseases in dermatology is shingles. In addition, blue light of 400 nm wavelength is used to treat acne lesions, and red light or infrared wavelength band of 600 nm wavelength is used on injury wounds and surgical wounds by improving wound healing.

 Is LED Mask really effective?

Since the products sold in the commercial do not have clinical trial results before or after the use of LED masks or have not been approved for medical devices, it is impossible to indicate the objective efficacy and effect. 

There are cases that LED masks are promoted with the result of using cosmetic ampules together rather than using LED masks alone so it is important to check whether the result only comes from the sole effect of LED masks. 

LED equipment is considered to have no side effects, no pain, no down time, and it can be used for the treatment on large areas such as face and chest. However, there are some side effects reported due to temperature that can rise to 63 ° C if used for 20 minutes as heat can be generated in the light irradiator in proportion to the increase in the number of LEDs. 

It is recommended that you follow the instructions for use as there are reports of getting burned after using the LED mask. Also, it would be better to manage the expectation of effects on LED mask. In addition to that, please be cautioned of using LED masks if you are sensitive to light or have pigmented lesions such as blemishes.

 Top LED masks in Kora

1. LG Pra.L

LG Pra.L with Lee NaYoung
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This mask is equipped with 120 LEDs, 60 each on the left and right side. The near infrared wavelength penetrates the skin to shine light. It will help improve skin elasticity by placing LEDs on fragile skin areas such as the forehead, around the eyes and nose.

According to EZ, sales of Pra.L in E Land soared 138% in the first quarter of this year. Lotte Hi-Mart’s sales in the first half of this year increased by 40% compared to the second half of last year. The product advertisement by famous Korean actress Lee Na-young, who is also a Pra.L model, contributed to the sales boost.

Naju Young, LG Electronics’ public relations team, said, “All LED mask models have been certified for safety and efficacy by acquiring ‘Class II’ from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” We will lead the home beauty care market with the premium LG Pra.L. ”

2.  Cellreturn LED Mask,

Cellreturn LED Mask with Kangsora

The Cellreturn LED Mask, also known as “Kang Sora Mask,” has a huge presence in the market. The product launched its first generation in 2014, but the market response was lukewarm. Since then, the company has released its 2nd generation in 2016, 3rd generation in 2017.  Consumer response is getting hot as the actors Kang So-ra and Park Seo-joon are featured as models.

In fact, last year alone, it generated 65 billion won in sales. This is an increase of more than 19 times compared to last year (3.42 billion won). This year, the company aims to generate sales of more than 100 billion won. Good start By February this year, the company achieved sales of KRW 33 billion. In two months, half of last year’s sales were achieved.

The first generation had 200 LEDs, but as it moved to the premium class, 690 and the newest platinum have a whopping 1026 LEDs. It provides faster and more intensive care over 9 minutes each time

What could be the alternatives to LED mask for medical aesthetic treatments?

Some critics say that LED masks are not as effective as medical devices in clinic and professional care. Experts point out that they should buy carefully. There could also be side effects.

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