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How dental care can be good choice for medical aesthetics

Trend, advantages of Korea Dental Care - Interview with Dr. Eunji Kim of Smile View Dental Clinic

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Korea plastic surgery is well known all over the world with K-pop phenomenon. However, Korea dental care is less known despite advanced technology and commonly accepted treatments for medical aesthetics. Dr. Eunji Kim, a director of Smile Dental View Clinic would like to share about the trend, advantages of dental care in Korea and how this can be beneficial for those considering an improvement of their appearances.

Q. Dr. Eunji Kim please introduce yourself

Hello , Nice to meet you everyone.
I am a graduate of Yonsei University College of Dentistry with a Master’s degree for Orthodontics and in preparation for Ph.D. It has been already more than 10 years . My main focus is in orthodontics, especially aesthetic and transparent braces, Invisalign, surgical orthodontics and aesthetic prosthetic laminate field.

Q. What is special about Smile View Dental Clinic?

Smile View Dental Clinic
Source: Smile View Dental Clinic

Smile View Dental Clinic has doctors including myself who is in charge of orthodontics and aesthetics, and Dr.Hye-in Chung who is in charge of implant aesthetic prosthetics and prosthetic care overall with staffs. We are concentrating on creating beautiful facial lines through the cooperation with View Plastic Surgery. We make sure to discuss with plastic surgery doctors to plan the two jaw surgery properly to achieve the goal for beauty as well as safety.

Collaboration with plastic surgeons is a very important point to ensure that the treatment takes into account the aesthetics and the overall balance.

We always try to put best efforts to have procedure and surgery that fits the overall line and balance.

Smile View Dental Clinic
Source: Smile View Dental Clinic

Smile Dental View Clinic is specialized in teeth whitening, laminates and zirconia, especially with the doctor in charge of implant surgery, so you can receive dental care for every case. We always try to do our best for every patients with pre booking appointment system.

Q. Plastic surgery in Korea is well known all over the world. How is dentistry?

We are confident that Korean dentistry has technology as advanced as plastic surgery. In particular, the Korean dental curriculum is recognized and benchmarked worldwide, and is renowned for its delicate and meticulous treatment results for both beauty and functionality.

Q.What is the position of Korean dentistry in the field of beauty?

In the case of orthodontics, the look under the nose can be changed completely, and the proper implant and prosthetic treatments are very important in the whole face. Right after the boom in plastic surgery, a boom in dental aesthetic care came along as well.

-Plastic & Dental Consultation Cases

Collaboration between Plastic surgery and dental care are often done in two jaw surgery.

Additionally, in the case of filler injections, nose surgery and square jaw surgery after orthodontic procedures is very important to have collaborative consultation from dentist and plastic surgeon to balance the side lines.

Q. What kind of treatments are popular to foreign patients?

Foreign patients seem to like to have the anterior zirconia treatment the most. Zirconia is harder than steel and the color can be very white so it is easy to make a beautiful smile. However, it is important to consult with a specialist in order to identify if the patient is necessary case.

Q. You have mentioned many interesting things at Charmfidence HK launch event last time. It was very impressive to see how celebrities can look so different after orthodontics treatments.

One of the most common cosmetic surgeries for Korean celebrities is two jaw surgery and facial contour surgery, which changes the shape of the face fundamentally by shaping the bones.

Smile View Dental Clinic
Source: Smile View Dental Clinic

However, in the case of orthodontics, the entire face shape can be changed by altering part of the face below the nose without touching bones. Particularly, those who have protruded mouths could make a negative impression. In this case, extractions of teeth for braces can be helpful to make the impression look neat and refined.

For example, you can consider orthodontics if you want to correct further on protruded mouth even after two jaw surgery or without surgery to change the overall impression.
Laminate and zirconia also have the advantage to make the teeth neat easily in a relatively short time. Tooth whitening is used to restore yellowish discoloured teeth to their original color.

Q. The prices of treatments are expensive in foreign countries, how is the price for dentistry in Korea, and is it competitive for foreign patients?

A. In general, teeth whitening is about 150k ~ 200k KRW per time in Korea, about 5M~ 6M KRW for braces and about 40K~ 70K KRW per crown. Depending on various cases, the amount of treatment varies depending on the clinic.

You can check further on and download Charmfidence app to request for a quotation on your concern

Q. Can you suggest what type of treatments foreign patients can consider during the visit in Korea?

If you have a week or so, you can visit the dentist on the first day of your trip, get a precise oral check up, and simply get your teeth scaling and whitening.
If it is recommended to straighten the front teeth according to the result of the diagnosis, you can receive the zirconia treatment on the day and come back a week later, you can travel around Seoul or close by areas during a week.

Korea trip
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If you are planning to have orthodontics, you can have a thorough checkup on the day, treat simple tooth decay. You can start the orthodontics treatments on the day and You can finish the decay treatment after a week. In the mean time, you can visit Seoul and its surrounding cities.

If you have more time and plan to stay in Seoul within that time, more treatments (even more complex dental treatments with neurotherapy) will be possible, which will be followed by professional consultation to create a precise customized plan.

Q. Do you have any travel destinations or restaurants you would like to recommend to travelers who treat teeth in Korea?

Gapyeong View recommended by Dr. EunJi Kim
Gapyeong -Source: Gapyeong News

You can enjoy a pension close to Gapyeong, spend the night in the beautiful mountains, or go to the Byeonsan Peninsula to watch the sunset.

ByeonSanbando View recommended by Dr. Eunji Kim
ByeonSanBando- Source: BooAn District office

Q. Finally, what is the most important thing in choosing a dentist and what kind of activities do you plan to do through Charmfidence?

I’m a orthodontics dentist with 10 years of experiences. For the various treatments, you can consult with me and Dr. Hye-in Jung is specialized in implants, aesthetic prostheses, and prosthetic treatment.
We will endeavor to deliver the correct dental information, and we will try to provide quality services at a reasonable price going forward.

If you are interested in having further consulation with Smile Dental View Clinic, please download Charmfidence app to click to consult for free or leave a message below!