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Do you want to fix saggy “bulldog’s cheeks”? Check out Max’s review!

We have received a real review contributed by Max(alias) about his experience of Ultherapy. Ultherapy is a non-surgical, FDA-cleared treatment for lifting and tightening the skin on the neck and chin and eyebrow. Do you have a similar concern? Please check out the process and feedback of the Ultherapy treatment.

Hello Everyone,

Happy Lunar New Year! I am a 30+ year old male from Singapore here to share my experience of Ultherapy, a non-invasive procedure for face lifting.

I have a condition some would call “bulldog’s cheeks” where excess fat on my face make my cheeks saggy looking.

I am not a fan of cardio exercises and prefer to lift weights at the gym. However, working out 3 times a week for almost half a year did not reverse this condition. 

As it was 4 months to our wedding, my fiancee suggested that I try Ultherapy at a skin clinic in Seoul that she goes to.

Before the treatment, the doctor was very professional in explaining the procedure’s risk and rewards. He highlighted the areas for improvement and also clearly mentioned the potential side effects. This include soreness and swelling of the cheeks in the hours after the procedure and numbness or tingling sensations on the treated area.

Before the treatment, the staff provided facial cleansing and applied analgesic cream to my face followed by 20 minutes wait for the painkiller to take effect. Once the painkiller sets in, the doctor then applies a cooling gel on the face and proceeds with the treatment. It felt like a shooting device was placed near my face as I heard multiple rounds of “shooting” sounds that resulted in a prickly feeling on my face.

The procedure essentially uses micro ultrasound lasers to generate a thermal effect under my skin. This in turn causes my skin to produce fresh collagen that firms and lifts my cheeks.

After the treatment, the clinic provided after care service where they used mask packs to cool my skin. I did not see any noticeable difference apart from the swelling initially but the effects started to visualize in about 3 months. 

During our wedding, I had several comments from friends and relatives about how sharp looking my face became. Most assumed I had lost weight but actually I bulked up to fit into my tuxedo and gained a few kilos! 

    The treatment costs $1500 usd for 600 shots of ultrasound laser. I would recommend this to anyone with a similar condition to mine. Definitely worth the money if you are looking for a quick and efficient treatment that is fairly painless and with no major down time. 

*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.