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Fat transfer or Filler, which one is better?

Fat Grafiting vs Filler_

If you are concerned about losing volume on your face due to aging, the treatment you should consider is fat transfer(fat grafting) or filler. People live longer now than before so pay attention to the anti-aging/well aging treatment more. Actually, aging starts from mid 20s so you will need to start anti-aging treatment as early as possible to maintain your youth.

One of the biggest signs of aging is reduced volume on your face due to fat loss and more wrinkles. To resolve this concern, consider adding more volume to your face for a more contoured appearance as well as smoothing your faceline to look younger. Now your question would be which treatment is the better way for you to have more volume? Let’s look into each treatment to understand the characteristics, pros and cons.

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting is fat transfer. You will take fat cells out of your body from areas such as thigh, love handles, arm and leg and transfer the fat by injecting on different areas of face such as chin, cheeks and forehead. 

What is the advantage of fat grafting?

Fat grafting

You can remove fat from areas you do not like and transfer your own cells to add more volume elsewhere. You can expect the effects of liposuction as well as anti aging at the same time. This can also be used to add natural volume with less concern on foreign body reaction from autonomous fat graft. Once fat graft survived well,  you can expect the result to maintain.

What is the potential side effects of fat grafting?

The biggest concern of fat transfer is less predictable results compared to filler. Autologous fat survival rate is not 100% therefore more tends to be transferred than the expected amount of survival fat. The survival can vary upon the individual’s condition as well as the medical service provider’s technique. According to Dr. Kooil Seo in Modelo Clinic on Youtube, he pointed out that the survival rate can be very low and the transferred area can get bigger due to weight gain. However, some netizens have commented that their fat graft survival was great and they are happy with the result. 

Dr.Ha Seong Wook emphasized that some injected areas may die, which is called “necrosis“. Therefore, it is so important to undergo the fat grafting procedure with experienced doctors and clinics that offer personalized treatment solutions with systematic surgery planning.

What is filler?

Filler is typically known as HA filler. The filler is injected into the skin to add more volume and fill wrinkles for a smoother face line. Filler is produced from the various companies; well-known products are Juvederm and Restylane. 

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The main brand of fillers, Restylane, Juvederm
Major Filler Brands: Juvederm and Restylane

What is the advantage of filler?

Compared to fat grafting, fillers are easier treatments and more accessible as it does not require surgical procedures to harvest fat graft from your own body. If the outcome from the treatment is not desirable, more can be easily added or removed by dissolving to achieve a better outcome. Also, there is a wide range of filler products that have been produced for a long time. These days, fillers are provided at a cheaper price than before and are also certified with government organizations. Most importantly, filler is a non-invasive treatment so people who want to improve their appearance easily prefer to use it for quicker and faster recovery.

What is potential side effects of fillers?

The biggest side effect of fillers is inflammation due to foreign material being injected into the body. Some patients have delayed hypersensitivity immune reaction Also some doctors have pointed out that HA filler is not 100% removable or dissolved as it can be replaced by your own tissue and can remain in the undesirable area.

So which one is better?

This is still a difficult question to answer as people’s body conditions vary and the different doctors have different opinions. Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages, you can choose to have the treatment that fits your requirements. For example, if you like to have the non-invasive treatment and a more predictable result, the filler should be the one for you to consider. If you want to transfer your own fat graft and remove fat at the same time, fat transfer treatment should be the one for your consideration. 

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