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Face Contouring Surgery Korea: Guide 2019

Major surgeries done in South Korea are related to face and Facial Contouring Surgery. The purpose of the face contouring surgery is to enhance the general appearance of one’s face.

This procedure improves the proportions of the face and jaw, reduce the signs of aging, and make it smaller and balanced. 

To avoid any confusion, we would like to point out that this procedure is also the same surgery called ‘face sculpting.’ 

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Are You A Candidate For Facial Contouring?  

Face Contouring is a specially designed technique to deal with specific facial enhancements efficiently. 

Below is a list of areas that Face Contouring can improve: 

Asymmetrical Mouth

Protruding Mouth

Protruding Cheeks

Receding Cheeks

Receding Chin

Square Jaw  

Take a careful look at this list. If you possess one or a couple of these facial features, then Facial Contouring or Korean Jaw Surgery is specially designed for you.

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Facial Contouring Procedure

What to expect before the procedure: 

The surgeon must first have the necessary guidance about the patient’s facial bones and soft tissues. This crucial guide can be obtained from CT imaging scans. 

While the surgical procedure is ongoing, patients are under general anesthesia. The surgeon usually focuses on the nose, cheeks, forehead, or the lips. 

To achieve a proportionate look for a patient’s face, the desired proportions will take time to complete.  Since every patient’s features are unique, each method is tailor-fitted according to the needs of each patient. 

A uniform process for all patients will counter the very purpose of this technique. 

There are dozens of possible combinations of different cosmetic surgical techniques, and it depends on the surgeon’s knowledge about the patient’s needs. 

Here is a list of the possible procedures that patients may undergo: 

Chin advancing surgery

Facial Liposuction

Facial Implants

Fat removal

Bone Trimming

Chin Implants or Jawline Contouring

Jawbone Plastic Surgery

Graft and tissue transfers

Reduction malarplasty

Rhinoplasty or nose job


Scalp Advancement


Double Jaw Surgery

V line Surgery

Submental lipectomy or neck lift

Ear pinning Brow Lift

Earlobe repair

Jaw bone reduction

What to expect during the procedure?

The surgeon can have access to most of a patient’s face while hiding the resulting scars through incisions made inside the mouth. These incisions can also be made between the gum and cheek mucosa. 

Various Types Of Facial Contouring Techniques 

The different facial contouring techniques that are available today is the result of high demand for facial enhancement among people. These available techniques were made possible by the fusion of science and technology that produced solutions on our different enhancement needs.

Here is a list of facial contouring techniques that are available today to enhance the current issues on your facial features. 

Facial liposuction

Facial Implants

Neck and brow lift

Cheek Augmentation

Lip Contouring

Chin Augmentation

Earlobe Surgery

Let us define these specific techniques, one by one: 

Facial liposuction 

With this procedure, a patient’s face is being rid of fat cells that are removed through minimally invasive facial surgery. 

Facial implants 

Facial implants are for patients who want to remove their sagging skin, reduce the appearance of aging, and to tighten and tone their facial skin. 

Neck and brow lift  

One of the prominent parts of one’s face, especially for women that highlight aging is their neck and eyebrows. Fine lines, deep brow lines, sagging skin, and severe wrinkles are found on these two specific parts of the face. 

Fortunately, patients can benefit from the neck and brow lift procedure, which can minimize these ageing signs through its minimally-invasive techniques.  

Cheek augmentation 

Remodeling or reshaping the existing cheek structure is the modern way of doing this kind of procedure. Also, for people who are planning to undergo this enhancement will find methods that inject or remove fat cells taken directly from the patient’s body. 

A lot of plastic surgeons today are not keen on inserting cheek implants on patients because of the face’s natural progress. Because the nature of facial muscles is to evolve and strengthen over time, and it can directly affect any implant on cheeks. 

Lip Contouring  

This enhancement is for patients who have shapeless and pale lips. Also, this is for those who want an added volume for their mouths. With non-invasive treatment, this procedure can contour and plump a patient’s lips according to their needs. 

Chin augmentation 

Chin augmentation makes it possible to provide two essential enhancements for the patients: To add more definition to the jawline and add volume to the chin. These improvements are necessary for men and women. 

A jawline enhancement can make men look much ‘stronger’ and masculine. For women, the chin’s added volume brings about a softer and more feminine look.  

Earlobe surgery

This surgery is capable of reshaping and pinning back a patient’s ears; as a result, they won’t protrude as much as before. All this can be done with the surgery’s non-invasive procedure. 

Fat Grafting 

This technique is for balancing the volume in necessary parts of the patient’s body. Fat cells are injected on the part of the body that needs more size. 

The fat cells that will be injected will also come from the patients’ body. It will be extracted from their thighs, belly and buttocks so patients need not worry about the origin of the fat cells that will be injected to them. 

The Risks And Complications You Need To Expect 

Though the benefits of this procedure have been proven, prospective patients should be informed about its possible risks and complications.   


The patient should expect to undergo several procedures that involve incisions. With this, patients may experience several infections, which is typical for implant surgery and fat-removal patients. 


Scarring is another risk that patients may face. Scar tissue growth and keloid scarring are one of the scarring risks that incision procedures might cause for the patients. 

Change of Implant’s Shape 

The root cause of an implant’s change of shape is from an abnormal immune system response that causes scars. This response from the body causes the wounds to grow and constrict with the implant and will create a change of shape on a patient’s face. 

The result is a possible negative impact on the contouring procedure’s output.  


Some patients have sensitive reactions on anesthesia that causes allergies. 

Here are the allergies that patients might experience because of the anesthesia used: 

Blood clot in the lungs                                                                                      

Blood clot in the legs                                                                     

Suppressed breathing                                                                                                   

Post-operative nausea and vomiting

Low blood pressure Heart failure 

Preventive Measures On Allergies 

There will be an increased risk of anesthesia-related allergies because of the long hours it will take in finishing the procedure. 

As a preventive measure, surgeons require patients to undergo preoperative screening. This measure is to determine if the patients have health issues that can be affected and heightened by the prolonged use of anesthesia. 


Aside from infections, scarring, allergies and the implant’s change of shape, patients should also be informed about the other normal post-procedure experiences. These are numbness, swelling, and bruises that can take time to heal, and patients deserve to be informed by these facts.

Length Of Surgery 

Patients should prepare themselves from a surgical procedure that can take anywhere from 2.5 hours up to 5 hours. But it all depends on the type and number of processes that a patient will undergo, and the specific issue that the surgeon/s needs to deal with. 

Recovery From The Surgery 

Patients might be required to stay at the hospital.  Their length of stay depends on the advice of their doctor. This measure is to closely monitor the state and improvement of the patient after the surgical procedure. 

For patients who are stitched with non-absorbable stitches, they are required to return after 14 days for its proper removal. 

Most swelling form the surgery must be gone after a month and three months is the maximum length in which a patient is expected to recover fully. 

But patients should be patient enough because the full effect and benefits of the surgical procedure may take up to 12 months. 


Facial contouring procedure is quite a breakthrough in the world of surgery. But prospective patients must be reminded that looking at the two sides of things is always important, especially in choosing a specific operation. 

Indeed, many patients have benefited from this surgery. But everyone must always look, not only on its benefits but also on a number of its exceptions. 

First, since this surgery involves a lot of incisions, even with the use of anaesthesia, this might pose a severe risk on patients with a very low tolerance on pain. 

Second is about the health issue. Some of the standard operating procedures in this surgery might heighten an existing health problem of the patient.

Lastly, even before deciding to undergo a facial contouring procedure, being emotionally prepared is a crucial step for the patient. This preparation will enable him/her to endure other factors that are involved during and after the surgical operations. 

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*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.