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3 ways to make your eyes look bigger, all about epicanthoplasty and canthoplasty

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As the human eye is known to be part of the body that plays an important role in determining first impressions, double eyelid surgery is the most common plastic surgery treatment in Korea. Double eyelid surgery can be combined with various types of techniques to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. Epicanthoplasty and Canthoplasty are also one of the common types of treatments that people undergo to make their eyes bigger. Let’s discuss the treatment methods, benefits, ideal candidates and cost to be considered.

What is double eyelid surgery?

First of all, double eyelid surgery is the creation of wrinkles in the eyelids. Double eyelid surgery results in one more line on the upper eyelid, which makes the eyes look larger due to visual effects and optical illusions. Big eyes have become the decisive factor of beauty.

However, even after double eyelid surgery, some people may feel that their double eyelid lines do not look natural and their eyes do not look as big as expected. Most of such cases are caused by the skin wrinkle covering the inside of the eyes called Mongolian wrinkles, commonly found among Asians.

Since the inside of the eye is covered with Mongolian wrinkles, the size of the eye would look small. Even if the person has a double eyelid, the front corner can be covered with Mongolian wrinkle and that is the reason why the space between eyes look wider for Asians. In order to achieve wider and bigger eyes, epicanthoplasty can be performed to remove the corner wrinkles. Eyelid correction with this treatment can lead to the desired and ideal result.

What is Epicanthoplasty?

Epicanthoplasty treatment method process
Source: JK plastic surgery, Seoul

It is called inner corner extension, a treatment to remove the area covered by epicanthus (Mongolian covered wrinkle) and to increase the horizontal length of the eyes. The length and width of the eyes can be extended to create a bright and bigger look.

Are you an ideal candidate for Epicanthoplasty?

– Your eyes look stuffy because of epicanthus

– Your eyes have narrow length

– Your front of eyes look too sharp

– You have wide eyes distance

How much is Epicanthoplasty?

800 USD ~ 1200 USD

You can check further details via Korea plastic surgery cost

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What is side effect of Epicanthoplasty?

The major side effects of Epicanthoplasty is too much exposure at the front corner of eyes due to excessive incisions. The eyes may become asymmetrical or causing a gap between the iris and beneath the eyes. In addition to that, the tear glands may be exposed, and the front trim scar may not disappear.

If the above symptoms persist six months after surgery, it may adversely affect the functioning of the eyes. In this case, restoration from epicanthoplasty should be considered through consultation with a specialist.

In the reconstruction, it is most important to naturally correct unsatisfactory eyes.

Eye reconstruction is not only about skin closure, but also about restoring invisible damaged ligaments. This is to prevent the damage area from opening or sinking and to make a natural correction. In addition, it is important to find an experienced specialist because the corrections must be made in consideration of both functional and aesthetic aspects.

What is lateral canthoplasty?

Lateral canthoplasty treatment method process
Source: JK plastic surgery, Seoul

The outer or lateral corner of eyes can be reshaped by outer corner extension called lateral canthoplasty to make the eyes look bigger and longer. The lateral canthoplasty reshapes the lateral epicanthus.  According to Dr. Jeon KyungWook, the shape of eyes can be improved by lateral canthoplasty and it has been popular in recent years but only 10% of cases are suitable for this procedure.

Lateral canthoplasty is appropriate for protruding eyes. This treatment is not good for those who have relatively bigger cheeks with sunken looking eyes.

Outer corner extension is usually considered for those who want to see improvement in the tail of the eye. For some cases, the combined treatments for lateral canthoplasty and eye corner lowering surgery is more effective for those who suffer from a fierce look due to significantly slanted eyes.

Are you an ideal candidate for lateral canthoplasty?

– You have a sharp and fierce impression

– Your tail of eyes are clogged and looks stuffy

– Your eye size is limited by medial epicanthoplasty

What is lowering eyelid surgery?

lower eyecorner treatment method process
Source: JK plastic surgery, Seoul

According to Dr. Sung Yoon Sik,  Lowering eye corner is making an incision inside the conjunctiva at one-third of the lower eyelid to make it lower.

After considering the angle of the eye and the degree of striation, the treatment designs and removes part of the connective tissue after incision and reposition. After the incision into the conjunctiva, a third of the eye is lowered, the inner part of the colon is sutured and recovered.

Eye surgery can be seen as a relatively simple operation compared to other surgical procedures. However, various blood vessels pass the eye area and small surgical marks can make the face look unnatural. It is important to decide on surgery with an experienced surgical team.

Before surgery, you should consult with the doctor in person and go through the surgery method and design process together. Of course, recovery after surgery is important so make sure to find a clinic which has a good post-care recovery system.