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Do Korean idols have plastic surgeries?

One of Korea’s celebrity idol has mentioned on a TV show that he gets an injection for facial contouring. Nam Tehyun surprised the panel and audience with the fact that he has done treatments over 25 times. He said “I got the injection as I am an idol, it’s very important to have a good visual”

‘Idol plastic surgery’ is known for helping trainees and idols have more attractive looks by harmonizing and balancing the eyes, nose and facial proportion as a whole.

“The purpose is to supplement the complex but maximizing the individual characteristics and attractiveness”

Chosun news interviewed trainees for Korean idol, surveyed 10 different plastic surgeons in Korea and concluded that “About 90% of idols and trainee on TV seem to have had plastic surgeries”.

According to Wonjon Yoon in Migo plastic surgery “Plastic surgery treatment becomes the inevitable process before debuting for a trainee who wants to be a celebrity”.

Many trainees think that the process is necessary to improve their market value. The popular treatments are facial contouring and fat grafting. 

According to Joon Seongbae in JK plastic surgery “There are many cases where multiple treatments for eyes, nose and facial contouring are performed as a package for a price discount. Areas where weight loss is difficult such as lovehandle, arms, and legs are treated by liposuction”

According to JeongJaeho in Profile plastic surgery,

“Trainees requested to make a V-shape face line and round tip of the nose to look cuter”  

The reason why medical aesthetic treatments are so popular in Korea could be related to the influence by idol singers.

According to the management of a Korean celebrity company

“typically trainees spend 10,000 USD ~20,000 USD for plastic surgery treatment”.  

On the next post, we will share the popular treatments that Korean idols like to do!

*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.