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Chin Implants: Things You Should Know


Chin implantation or chin augmentation is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of a receding chin permanently. Chin implants are made of biocompatible silicone and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chin implants bring out the definition of the face and can correct the side effects of age by lifting sagging skin in the lower front face.

It may be a relatively small part of the body, but the chin plays a massive role in your overall appearance. A perfect jaw defines the jawline. It also helps add symmetry to the face, which is one of the critical elements of attractiveness. Since a weak chin prevents you from realizing your true beauty, the popularity of chin implants is understandable. The best way to improve your appearance and get a more defined jawline could be by getting a chin implant.

What is Chin Implants?

Chin implants are small cosmetic medical devices that are used to enhance the appearance of the face and chin. The implants are generally made out of silicone. This material allows the implant to be moulded around the chin bone, which ensures that you get the exact look you desire. They also look and feel exactly like a real chin bone. The size and shape of the implant can be based on your case. Anyone that wants to change the way of their chin may qualify for this augmentation procedure.

Details of the Procedure

You get to choose some of the details of the procedure. Since each system is customized, the details vary from patient to patient. It tends to take some time for your body to get adjusted to the new chin implant. Since the implant is made of durable material, the aim is that is doesn’t have to be adjusted or replaced.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Patients will be sedated and placed under a local anaesthetic. An incision will be made inside your mouth where the implant will be placed in the cheek. 

What can I expect post-procedure?

You will experience mild to moderate discomfort in the first week following the procedure. Medication can be prescribed to minimize any discomfort. You may experience some bruising and swelling after the surgery. We recommend patients plan to take between seven to ten days away from work and school while recovering from the surgery.

When will I see results?

The final results of your chin implant should be visible approximately six weeks following the procedure. Any swelling associated with the process should be gone at this time.

Improving Your Appearance

It is next to impossible to look your best when dealing with a weak chin. Learn how people are getting the most out of their beautiful appearances with chin implants. Join our beauty community and ask anything about cosmetic treatments and surgery. 

*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.