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Body Contouring After Weight Loss: All you need to know

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Noticeable weight loss due to diet, bariatric surgery, or after pregnancy mostly leaves loose skin behind. Body contouring procedures will help to precise your new body shape. This surgery refines the tone of underlying tissues and eliminates excess fat and skin of your body.

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What is body contouring?

People are obsessed with losing weight, and practically, it has many benefits.

However, after a major amount of weight loss after a lifestyle change, weight loss surgery, diet, and post-pregnancy the skin and tissues mostly lost its elasticity to fit the reduced size of your body.

This Surgical body contouring due to significant weight loss is sufficient to remove excess sagging skin and fat while toning areas of the body that improves underlying support tissue.

The result is a better-proportioned skin and body appearance with smoother contours.

This procedure allows only Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons to perform body sculpting and contouring procedures.

This procedure includes body lifting such as:

• Arm lift: a surgical approach to removing excess fat and skin

• Breast lift: a surgical approach to removing excess fat and skin to correct sagging, flattened breasts

• Facelift: a surgical procedure for removing excess fat and skin removes sagging in the mid-face, jowls, and neck

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• Lower body lifts: a surgical approach to removing excess fat and skin of the abdomen, buttocks, inner and outer thighs

• Medial thigh lift: a surgical approach to removing excess fat and skin of the inner thigh

• Tummy tuck: a surgical procedure to removing excess fat and skin to reform apron of excess skin that hangs over the abdomen

These are the surgical approach to removing excess fat and skin and are used mainly when the skin has lost elasticity due to ageing or a dramatic weight loss.

But the most common concerns for body contouring are the breasts, stomach, thighs, and upper arms lifting.

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Are you the right candidate for body contouring?

If you are wondering if you are a good candidate for Body Contouring or not, then below are the points you should consider:

• Adults whose weight has settled

• Healthy people without any medical conditions that impair disable healing or increment danger of the medical procedure

• Individuals with a positive viewpoint and practical objectives

• Individuals that are focused on leading a healthy lifestyle with appropriate nourishment and wellness

• Non-smokers

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What should you expect during body contouring consultation?

During your body contouring consultation be set up to talk about:

• Your surgical objectives

• Medical conditions, medicate hypersensitivities and past treatments

• Current meds, vitamins, natural supplements, liquor, tobacco, and medication use

• Previous medical procedures

And your surgeon will:

• Check and evaluate your general health and any prior health conditions or risk factors

• Examine your body and do detailed estimations

• Take photos for your medical record

• Discuss your alternatives and suggest a course of treatment

• Discuss likely results of body contouring and any dangers or some potential complications

The achievement and security of your procedure rely upon your total genuineness during your counsel. Make sure to pose inquiries. It’s essential to know all parts of your body contouring procedure. It’s normal to feel some nervousness, regardless of your excitement for your anticipated new look or a bit of preoperative pressure.

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What are the possible risks of body contouring?

The choice to have the plastic medical procedure is incredibly personal, and you should choose if the advantages will accomplish your objectives and if the dangers and potential complications of this surgery are satisfactory.

You will be approached to sign consent forms to guarantee that you completely comprehend the strategy and any risks and potential complications.  

There are possible risks, though some may be uncommon, with body contouring surgery. Most of those risks can be minimized and eliminated through careful preoperative patient selection and preparation. Here are some of the dangers of body contouring surgery:

  • Bleeding: Whether it is a form of blood collection under skin, or through skin incisions. However, it can be minimized by proper patient selection and careful, meticulous surgical techniques.
  • Infection: Though it is uncommon, may occur in any operation, but are easily preventable or treatable with the advent of the current generation of antibiotics.
  • Fluid collections: Blood (hematoma) or body fluid (seroma) can occur postoperatively, due to large spaces and cavities produced through body contouring.
  • Slow wound healing, skin loss, and unfavourable scarring: Casual skin ischemia (loss of circulation) and resultant necrosis (loss of skin) can result in slow and delayed healing, that results in more scarring, infection.
  • Blood clumps, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and aspiratory embolism: The procedure can be lengthy and required fat, and other tissue removals, deep venous thrombosis (DVT), blood clot or fat emboli to the lung can occur that result in severe and life-threatening consequences, often easily curable. However, these complications are rare.
  • Excessive or extended scars: Body contouring often comes with large incisions and removal of excess skin and fatty tissues this will result in temporary or permanent scarring.
  • Numbness or different changes in skin sensation: Numbness surrounding the scars is common, and is usually temporary and can be tolerated.
  • Anaesthesia risks: As surgery is done, usually some form of anaesthesia,   risks must be considered and discussed with the certified and competent anesthesiologist. This results in some temporary fatigue and nausea.
  • Residual skin laxity or form abnormality: Contour irregularities and asymmetries may often occur in both sides of the body, and midline, are involved. However, it usually diminishes or even resolves with time.

These risks will be examined entirely preceding your assent. Significantly, you address all of your inquiries legitimately with your plastic surgeon.

Preparing for post-weight loss body contouring surgery

Losing a lot of weight through eating regimen and exercise or weight reduction surgery is an essential accomplishment. But huge weight loss can regularly leave undesirable skin in regions of the body including the abdomen, arms, and thighs and buttocks.

Are you preparing for body contouring?

In planning for body contouring surgery, you might be asked to:

  • Get cleared for the medical procedure by your bariatric specialist or essential primary care doctor
  • Take a lab test
  • Take specific prescriptions or modify your present meds
  • Stop smoking great ahead of time before surgery
  • Avoid taking headache medicine, calming medications and natural supplements or different prescriptions that may cause bleeding

Body contouring surgery procedure ought to be performed in an accredited office-based surgical facility, a licensed ambulatory surgical centre.

If your body contouring is performed on an outpatient premise, make sure to ask someone to drive you to and from surgery and to stay with you for the following surgery.

Make sure to reach a stable weight

Perhaps the most ideal approaches to guarantee your body contouring procedure gives you the outcomes you need is by ensuring you have accomplished and are keeping up your actual weight.

On the off chance that you have not hit your optimal weight and keep on getting in shape after surgery, it could adjust results, and you may wind up with an enormous amount of the sagging skin you are attempting to take out.

Establish healthy habits

The way to recuperation after body contouring procedure can take some time and modification.

It’s significant that you create and keep up to your target weight. In case you’re are in healthy eating and exercise, you are in the closest chance to recover rapidly.

Evading liquor and stopping smoking can also help you improve quickly.

A lot of post-weight loss patients plan and stop nutritious dinner alternatives before their medical procedure so they can keep on eating right even while recouping.

Making proper dieting can lessen stress just as keep your body filled with the correct supplements to help to mend.

Ask questions and request guidance.

Regardless of whether you had a bariatric medical procedure or other surgeries, you’re in all respects prone to have numerous inquiries with regards to post-weight loss plastic medical procedure.

That is flawlessly ordinary. Record your queries ask your plastic surgeon when you visit for a counsel.

You likewise might need to look through discussions and web journals online for counsel and replies; however, remember that the best data custom fitted to your particular needs will probably originate from your surgeon.

You can and ought to ask the same number of inquiries as you have to help decrease any uneasiness and help you feel progressively arranged.

Keep your attention on the results

The pre-medical procedure stage will be loaded up with arranging, arrangement, and other to-dos that may divert you from the very reasons you have your body contouring procedure in any case.

It’s fundamental to keep a positive outlook and remain concentrated on your results. Imagine the ideal consequence and how this procedure will help get you closer to your objectives.

Steps of a body contouring procedure

The procedures necessary to accomplish your objectives will be characterized alongside an arrangement for the planning of these procedures.

1. Anaesthesia

Prescriptions are controlled to ensure your comfort during the procedure. The decisions come with intravenous sedation and general anaesthesia. Your primary care physician will prescribe the best choice for you.

2. The incision

All of the body contouring procedures require large incisions to evacuate overabundance skin. Most of the case, these cuts might be broad.

The incision length and pattern rely upon the amount and area of excess skin to be removed, and personal preferences and your primary care physician’s surgical judgment.

Advance methods as an incision to be set in vital areas where they can be covered up by most kinds of clothing, yet this isn’t generally the case.

Body contouring is regularly performed in stages. Your specific condition and objectives, just as your plastic specialist’s best judgment, will all impact how your primary care physician characterizes surgical plan.

While it might take you years or more to lose all the overabundance weight, it might take similarly as long for the consequences of your body contouring to be finished.


What should I expect during my body contouring recovery?

During recovery from the body contouring surgery, dressings or swathes will be connected to your incisions following a procedure.

Thin tubes might be temporarily set under the skin to deplete any excess blood or liquid that may gather.

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Body contouring recovery at home

You might be told to abstain from twisting, straining, or lifting for a few days to weeks.

Where tightening of the abdomen or thighs is included, your surgeon may likewise train you to abstain from standing completely upright focusing on any inside sutures as they mend, and to lay down with pads hoisting your knees.

To limit the danger of DVT (blood clumps in the legs) you should be up and strolling as quickly as time permits, and drinking a lot of liquid.

However broad self-care suggestions include:

· Maintain a strategic distance from strenuous activities or exercise for a month.

· Ensure that your stitches are not set under pressure. For instance, don’t wear tight garments that may rub at your wounds.

· Wear pressure pieces of clothing for a little while whenever required by your surgeon.

· Report bleeding, extreme pain, or irregular indications to your surgeon.

Expected results after body contouring

The results of body contouring are noticeable very quickly; in any case, it can take two years or more to see the outcomes.

Scars are expected to accomplish a body contour that matches your new weight and proportion.

The results are long-lasting, provided that you keep up a steady weight and general wellness. As your body ages, it is natural to lose firmness. In any case, the vast majority of your initial improvement remains.

Albeit excellent outcomes are expected, there is still no guarantee. In certain circumstances, it may not be conceivable to accomplish ideal results with a solitary surgery, and another medical procedure might be needed.

Adhering to your doctor’s guidelines is essential to the achievement of your surgery.

Significantly, the surgical incisions are not exposed to extreme power, movement, swelling, or scraped area during the healing process. Your surgeon will give you explicit directions on the most proficient method to care about yourself.

How much is body contouring will cost?

The average cost of body contouring procedure can differ broadly. A specialist’s expense for it may change depending on the patient’s experience, the kind of method (s) used, just as the geographic location of the office. It depends whether you need silicone breast implants, and the time it takes to perform the surgery.

Though body contouring surgery or its complications are not included in health insurance plans, however numerous plastic surgeons offer patient financing plans, so make sure to inquire.

Body contouring surgery costs include:

  • Anaesthesia expenses
  • Medical tests
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs and expenses
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Surgeon’s fee

When choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons to perform body sculpting and contouring procedures, be sure to do some research about the surgeon and the money it will cost for the surgery.

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*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.