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4 ways to find a good plastic surgeon and clinic


The most important things to know before doing plastic surgery is where you want to do it and why you want to do it. If you did not have a chance to read the previous post on questions to ask before plastic surgery, please read it before doing plastic surgery.

Now that you’ve decided to do plastic surgery, your mission is to find the best doctor who can give you the best result. Even when you buy a simple product, you’ll research, review and ask for feedback from friends. Of course at times you may do impulsive shopping like buying clothes, but most of the times you would rely on your “shopping algorithm” to make the best decision.

However, more people than expected do not spend enough time and resource to do proper research on aesthetic medical treatments perhaps due to insufficient information or plain laziness.

This research process is more important than anything else as plastic surgery, in most cases, is not a medically required treatment and you may be taking an unnecessary risk.

It would be best if you spent more time to research and understand the treatments to find a good doctor compared to the time that you’ve spent on buying cosmetics or devices!

  1.   Every plastic surgeon has their specialty!

Surgery on eyes and nose could be considered as common treatment areas, but out there somewhere is a surgeon who has an excellent reputation for a particular technique and area specialty.

When it comes to eyes, you may think that it’s just simple double eyelid surgery, but there are several sophisticated techniques to enlarge your eyes such as ptosis correction, inner corner extension and outer corner extension.

Moreover, there are surgeons who have better expertise on specific treatments as well, which means if you like to do inner corner extension, you should find a doctor who has many successful cases and a solid reputation on inner corner extension treatment.

  1.   Let’s find an experienced doctor!

A plastic surgeon’s experience can be judged based on the ability to minimize and remove the side effects and risks from the patient’s outcome. Those who have more cases on that particular treatment will typically have many years of experiences to hone their skills resulting in a better outcome.

  1.   Let’s find a doctor who has a similar beauty standard and preference!

 The standard of beauty is very subjective. You may already have the perfect appearance from another person’s perspective. However, under your standard you may not think the same.

Everybody has a different preference and point of view, hence you should find a doctor who has a similar beauty standard.

If there is a specific feature of a nose that you want to have, you should see a doctor who is good at making that feature. Finding a good doctor and clinic can only be achieved based on sufficient research.

Perhaps you will find a pattern of the feature if you’ve seen several before & after photos of plastic surgery done by the doctor. If this feature is what you are looking for, contacting that doctor gives you a higher possibility to have a great result!

  1.   Let’s check the facilities and emergency equipment of clinics!

You may do a relatively simple and easy surgery or undergo a complicated and long surgery. Based on your treatment, you need to ensure that clinics have proper facilities such as aseptic operating, monitoring system with emergency equipment, in the patients’ room and resting room, etc.

*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.