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Asian Plastic Surgery: Asia Vs. West Plastic Surgery

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Korea is located in the east of Asia between China and Japan. Many Koreans are inherited with Mongolian eyelid(Monolid) and flat nose. With big influences from western culture, western features such as big eyes with double lid and sharp nose are considered beautiful these days. In western countries, treatments for body reshaping are more popular such as augmentation of breast, buttock and liposuction. However, treatments on parts of the face are more popular in Asian countries.

Let’s check out the most popular treatments in Korea 

1. Double Eyelid surgery

One of the most common treatments in Korea is double eyelid surgery. A common joke among many Korean students is to receive double eyelid surgery as their high school graduation gift.  Double eyelid surgery is a surgical treatment to make an upper eyelid with a crease from an eyelid which does not have a crease as a single eyelid. There are different surgical techniques such as non-incisional method and incisional method. Also, there are various techniques to extend eyes by removing Mongolian fold and suturing along the inner surface or outer corner of eyes. 

2.  Rhinoplasty-Nose job

The western medical treatment for plastic surgery on nose is typically reducing the size and removing the hump of nose. Extending the size of nose by placing the implant on nose (Augmentation Rhinoplasty) is one of the most popular treatments in Asia and Korea. Alar reduction which reduces the width of the alar, or base of the nose, is also used to make the patients look sharper and more feminine. 

3. Face line

Have you ever heard your Korean friends comment about

‘Your face is so small! So pretty!’

This is a praise as Koreans consider a small face with smooth face and cheek line as beautiful like an oval face line with v shape chin. 

In Western countries, contouring features such as defined jaw line with high cheekbones are preferred. 

Plastic surgeries for cheek reduction, jawline, v-line and orthognathic surgery are more popular in Korea to make face look more feminine and softer.

4. Anti Aging treatments

Anti-Aging treatments in Korea are very popular to look cuter and younger. These treatments are not only popular for senior people.

Young people are already paying attention on how to prevent aging in advance by having more proactive surgical/non-surgical treatments. Anti-Aging treatments include laser treatment to remove freckles, moles and tighten pores. Also, botox and fillers are used to fill out the concerned areas such as forehead, nasolabial folds and around eyes, etc to look a lot younger.

*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.