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8 Reasons why celebrities head to Korea for plastic surgery

Foreign medical tourism visitors are growing rapidly every year by double-digit growth. According to the 2018 annual report issued by KHIDI, the number of foreign patients that visited Korea for plastic surgery in 2017 was 48,849 and 43,327 for skin care. Why are so many foreign patients are visiting Korea every year? Let’s find out!

1.       Advanced medical techniques of Korea

Over many years, Korea’s medical industry has developed phenomenally. Korean doctors are always keen to adopt the latest medical treatments from developed countries such as US and localize them in a Korean way.

Korea is recognized as the third largest market, with 25 percent market share of plastic surgery in the world after US and Brazil. Also, the research, outcomes and medical equipment are well set in global standard.

2.       Medical Aesthetics market is perfectly competitive in Korea

The number of Korean plastic surgeons is over 2000 and foreign patients over last year was around 48,000.

Total market size is around $5 billion USD and 20 out 1000 people have had experience with plastic surgery according to HanKyung.

Korean medical aesthetics industry is very competitive due to supply and demand. Korean medical clinics are consistently evolving to give the best results to patients with extra care service, updated medical facility and newest operation system.

3.       Plastic surgeons are top talents in Korea

You may have seen the news about flights not being allowed to depart in the morning time and the stock exchange being closed due to the potential noise during the university entry exam in Korea, showing how competitive it is to get into university.

The number one most preferred major for Korea’s top students is medical school and only the cream of the crop can be accepted to be a plastic surgeon since the aesthetics medical major is the most popular among medical students.

In addition to that, the most competitive market in the medical industry is medical aesthetics as described earlier.

Therefore, only the brightest and most competitive surgeons can survive through this market.

4.       The population of medical aesthetics in Korea is one of the biggest in the world

20 out 1000 Koreans has experience in plastic surgery. Also, over 48,000 foreign patients are visiting Korea to do plastic surgery and it is growing at a double-digit rate every year.

Plastic surgery doctors usually have one or few specialty areas such as breast. It is important that they have completed enough cases on those areas to be really specialized in them.

Countries with less demand and population of plastic surgery patients obviously results in lesser opportunities for doctors to grow their skillset on the specific area.

5.       Affordable plastic surgery cost in Korea

 The cost of Korea plastic surgery is 20% to 30% of US and Japan.

As mentioned above, Korean medical techniques are considered as top 3 but the medical cost is very affordable compared to other developed countries.

Foreign patients do not only come to Korea for cheaper medical cost but can also enjoy a variety of tourism options.

6.       Advanced Korean medical service

Korean medical service does not provide only the operation process but typically includes a one-stop service from pre-consultation to post care services.

Pre-consultation is provided in detail to minimize the gap in terms of communication between doctors and patients.

Also, there are extra post-care services available such as a massage pack, regular post care 1:1 consultation during the recovery stage.

7.       Government certified medical clinics for foreign patients and travel agency

The Korean government regulates the medical clinics and agents for foreign patients to make sure that they meet the requirements for minimum capital and medical translation so the patients from different countries can have the good quality of services in different languages.

8.       Plastic surgeries for celebrities

Korean Plastic surgery is famous for the high quality of service even for foreign patients visiting Korea.

Perhaps you may have heard about famous celebrities visiting Korea from China or South East Asia to do plastic surgery.

In addition to that, many Korean idols regularly have treatments and are sponsored to promote the clinics.

*NOTE: The article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.